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The MOSE Project- Sean MacDonald

The Venetian LagoonAn Analysis of the Engineering and the Tribulations of Preserving History and Ecosystem

Author: Sean MacDonald

I. Introduction

The Complexity of Venice

Venice is an absolute money maker, one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world where romantics and families alike contribute to the some 20 million that visit each year(need a better start than this lolz). However, Venice has a much deeper meaning to the environmentalists, politicians, and engineers who are invested in the well-being and longevity of the region. quickly why venice is in danger…. Venice is a plethora of biodiversity, and the home of over a thousand years of history, to preserve both against the changing environment of the world is a challenge that will be faced until the day Venice dies.


The goal of this page is to first discover the depth of the Venice system, by realizing how one of the most rich ecosystems in the world is now tightly interwoven with thousands of years of mankind’s engineering. Then we will analyze the current methods of salvation, and use it as an example for the way the difficulties of adaptation contributes to the troubles of preserving history and ecosystem simultaneously.

II. The Path of Venice

History of the People

To thoroughly understand the dilemmas of today, one must first understand the origins of the region.
Common misconceptions or something.

Engineering History

Explain all of the engineering feats that have contributed to Venice today. Starting with wood foundation then the diversion of the rivers etc.
Include information on how the lagoon has changed but make sure can be different from detailed part about global warming and climate change. Discussion of the lagoon ecosystem in this section should be about the standard process of a lagoon becoming land or sea, nothing to do with global warming…
The wells that are no longer in use, how sucking up water from beneath was contributing to sinking.

III. Understanding the Lagoon(could be part of The Path of Venice section but probz not cuz lots of info)

Aspects of the Lagoon

The area of the lagoon can be categorized into underwater, mudflats, salt marshes, and islands. Show how they interact

Relationship with the Sea


at this point all background information should be covered. Now get into engineering detail.

IV. The Foundation of Venice – Detailed, calcs and stuff

Engineering Principles

Analyze a single wood piling
Total and Effective stress, pore water pressure. need some sort of conclusion from this though.
Leaning Towers? non-uniform settlement.

Engineering Materials

Materials that are not water resistant, detailed construction materials talk…
How wood behaves when submerged underwater, not rotting, salt water petrifies

V. The Dangers Facing Venice

Geotechnical settling type problem?

Sediment transport style of problem?

Information on Rising sea level and climate

***Now Venice should be understood. Start talking about the future of Venice and the paradox?

VI. Goals of The MOSE Project

VII. Controversy

Damage to Ecosystem

Project Management

Project cost, changes throughout project
Arrest of Venice Mayor
Design life
Severity of flooding

VIII. Analysis and Conclusion

topic of fear of change and new engineering to enable adaptation.

IX. Works Cited

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