Engineering Rome

Movies Filmed in Rome

One of my favorite pastimes with movies is to watch one that was filmed where I have visited and then figure out where the scenes were filmed and claim, “I’ve been there!”

In that spirit, here are some movies filmed partially or completely in and around Rome. I’m sure a bunch are missing, these are just on my list. 

1960. The classic Italian and Roman movie.
1953. A great one filmed on location in Rome (unusual back then). Classic Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn (even a young Eddie Albert). You can even go find the place in Rome where Joe Bradley lived.
2016. Yup, much of this takes place in Rome. Blue Steel.
2009. Much of it takes place within walking distance from the Rome Center.
2015. Spot the car chase on the Tevere!
2015. Lots of Rome in this one.
2003. Yup, Lizzie McGuire. Most all of this one in Rome.
2012. Even Woody Allen spent time in Rome.
2000. Who can forget the Colosseum on center stage in this one?
2002. Okay, not a huge fan. But…Rome.
2010. Kirsten Bell in Rome. She steals coins from a fountain of love. We wouldn’t do that.
2010. Julia Roberts lives in Rome for a bit in this one.
2004. Lots of scenes in Rome. Termini, Piazza Navona, Campo, etc.
2021. Look for Castel Sant’Angelo in the beginning.
2023. The car chase in Rome at minute 56:00 – 110:30 is frantastic. Also, they end up in Venice after that.
2023. A giant, firely bowling ball rolling through Rome! What could be better?
2021. Wedding scene. Chiesa di Santa Maria in Portico in Campitelli.
2024. Kind of a bad movie. But a great scene in Venice.
2024. Episode 2, minute 16:50. Scene is at the hotel on Piazza del Biscione and the Palazzo Pio (where the Rome Center is) is in the background.

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