Engineering Rome

Palazzo Pio, Construction from Ancient Rome to Modern Day

Figure 1. South View of Palazzo Pio towards Campo de’ Fiori


I’m walking atop the black cobblestone road with a hefty backpack and my suitcase rattling as I drag it along barely holding on. Sweat beats down my neck in the early fall heat of Rome as I stare at my phone figuring out which direction google maps wants me to go. Eventually, I make it to my apparent destination as I stop in front of a typical Roman facade with multiple arches and fancy columns and windows. To the left there is a resaturant preparing outdoor tables and on the right a butcher shop not far off. Right in the middle, there are two large black metal doors and on the panel on the leftside of the doors there reads UW Rome Center in tiny texts above one of the buzzers. I’ve finally arrived, Palazzo Pio, home to the UW Rome Center.

Figure 2. Palazzo Pio by Guiseppe Vasi da Corleone,1742

UW Rome Center:

The UW Rome Center lives inside Palazzo Pio, taking up sections on the first and third floor. To reach the Rome Center, one enters through a smaller door attached to the large double doors of Palazzo Pio. Walk down a large open corridor and on the left is a spiral staircase.





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